Skyrim PS4: A Legend returns

Skyrim on PS4
The Legend Returns

Those of you who hang around the official Sony forums will know I really liked Skyrim on the PS3, and have always wished for its release on the PS4. Then Elder Scrolls Online was ported over sans-subscription, and there was much rejoicing. That filled my Skyrim hole on the PS4.

Then guess what happened?
Well, Bethesda suddenly announced they were working on Skyrim for the PS4, that's what happened! Not only that, but it was almost complete, had a release date of Winter 2016, and would support mods !!

Having picked up Skyrim for the PC quite cheaply, I've got used to using various mods. Some making it easier for me not to die horribly, but most just making me look prettier. All in all, extra fun for me then.

As I said previously, I really enjoyed Skyrim on the PS3. Like many others, I battled through the god-awful memory-management issues Bethesda foisted upon PS3 users, exacerbated by the lack of free memory on-board the PS3. That and the numerous bugged quests
Even with these major crippling drawbacks, it was - and still is - an absorbing game, and now the opportunity to play it on the much more capable PS4 will be pure pleasure. It will at last have the headroom to fly, and since Bethesda are reworking it from the ground up, I trust it will not carry over any bad habits from its previous Sony incarnation.

So far, the main area of improvement are graphical, with many more assets being placed in the world and an upping of general graphical oomph. The other improvement over the last-gen console versions is the inclusion of mod support. This is not a first for console games as Fallout 4 also allows the inclusion of mods, but it surely opens up the game to be extended for us with new weapons, environments and even quests.
So far, mods seem to be offered for free, but there will no doubt be the possibility of pay-DLC mods. We'll have to wait and see for that one.

What about Sony-VR?
Well indeed, what about it?
So far, not a squeak about VR-comparability within this Skyrim-Remaster, but it would seem to me that this game would be a prime candidate for such compatibility, and I think it would work very well. Once again, we will have to wait and see.

So there you go. I think I have covered all the presently available information that Bethesda has allowed us thus far. I'm sure they'll be various teaser gameplay footage released, mainly to show off how wonderful it looks like - as there's not much new that we don't know already about Skyrim itself.

My opinion on this? It is definitely on my wishlist for Christmas or before, and no doubt I shall be boring you all with an update once I get my mucky paws on it.
I'm sure you'll all look forward to that.

Mai Tachibana
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