Who the hell are the Respawn Kings?

Well, for starters, we're just three older farts who love video gaming. We dabble in ritualistic voodoo and sacrifice monkeys to our personal savior Tony.

Tony likes monkeys. 

Our in-house authors:

Danny Xanax

Danny, the brain child of Respawn Kings and a dreamer. At this very moment in time, as you read this, Danny is having a dream....someone needs to slap him back into reality soon!

Danny has been gaming since 1975 and has never looked back. He's currently playing exclusively on the PS4 and pretends his family loves him.

Danny also like monkeys.... 




TheRealDeFo has been gaming since before you were born.  Yeah, he's that old.  

His first gaming console was the legendary Pong.  He spent countless days and hours hitting that stupid ball back and forth with his brother.  Around the same time, arcade games started to become popular and so would his love for gaming.

The first console he owned was Intellivision.  Some of the games that he has the fondest memories of are Astrosmash, B-17 Bomber, Frogger, and sports games like Horse Racing, Boxing, Bowling, US Ski Team Skiing, Hockey NASL Soccer and ML Baseball.

Intellivision kept my brother and I busy until the release of the Commodore 64.


Another respawn king has been born!

The youngest of the Respawn Kings. He first picked up gaming on his Apple IIe where he played Oregon Trail and the Mario Bros (Yes, before they were Super.) Over the years he has owned a number of consoles including Intellivision, Atari, Sega Master System, NES, Super SNES, Sega Genesys, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, PS one, xBox, PS2, Sega Dreamcast, PS3, xBox 360, and now the PS4. It's quite the list. 

Along with the numerous consoles CasualDemise was avid PC Gamer which started his love of online gaming. It all started with a little game called Doom which open up the wonderful world of dying to another player. 

Now a days he has mostly retired from PC gaming and focuses mainly on the PS4.